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Error: Looks like the facebook video you are trying to download is either private or not accessable from our server. Please try our Private Facebook Video Downloader to download this video.

GetFbStuff.com will extract MP4 Video Links

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why I'm unable to download this video?

    Some of the videos on Facebook are private, and are not accessible without login. To download these private videos, we have made a private downloader, and you can use our Facebook private video downloader to download this video. However, you have to follow each and every instruction carefully to successfully download this video.

  2. Why does facebook video starts playing on clicking download button?

    It starts playing the facebook video rather than downloading it, because security protocols of browsers do not allow download of the content of third party websites, so the browser redirects to the resource location, In this case facebook video is opened. But you can get option to download facebook video when it starts playing.

  3. What is the format of downloaded facebook video?

    Depending upon the available quality of the Facebook video, our Facebook video downloader extracts HD quality and SD quality video links. You can choose to download whichever you want. However, in some cases, the video quality is poor and the only available video is of SD quality.

  4. In which format Facebook videos gets downloaded?

    Facebook stores the videos in MP4 format, so the downloaded facebook videos are in MP4 format.

  5. How do I download live Facebook Videos?

    To download any live facebook video, you must wait until the streaming is finished, and then you can download them just like other videos by entering the video link in the online facebook video downloader.

  6. Where are my facebook videos getting saved after I download them?

    When you use fb video downloader, downloaded Facebook videos are saved in "Downloads" folder of your PC. And in mobile phones also they get saved in the download folder.